Who We Are

We are a specialty software house specializing in payment applications and payment platforms for Retail, Specialty Retail, Hospitality, and Insurance Industries. We have given enterprise mobility solutions to Fortune 100 organizations around the world. Let our team of experts provide solutions for you.

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  • Mobile App Development | Omni Integration Mobile App Development

    Reach millions and millions of users around the world. Let a very experienced team of Android and iOS mobile application developers provide robust mobility solutions that are easy to expand on and easy to support. All of Omni Integrations technological assets are devoted and focused on turning out solutions for your enterprise.

  • Custom Software Development | Omni Integration Custom Software Development

    Omni Integration, a US-based software development company has designed, developed and deployed a wide variety of custom software solutions for specialized business markets, delivering a full range of world-class enterprise solutions by adopting a flexible, agile development model. We have a "dedicated employee/team service" who specialize in analysis, development, testing and implementation.

  • OMNI EMV Certification OMNI EMV Certification

    The Payment Card Industry (PCI) including Visa, Mastercard, AMEX,  Discover and others mandated that issuers and merchants that do not support EMV chip technology shall be held liable for counterfeit fraud. This process, referred to as EMV Certification, is a very costly and time-consuming process which can take up to 8 months. The Omni Solution to EMV Certification is a very cost-effective alternative in which all phases are guided by Terminal Subject Matter Experts. Omni EMV Certification takes less than 3 months.

  • Healthcare Application Development Healthcare Application Development

    At Omni Integration, we know that data security and privacy are the key to safe and reliable Healthcare applications. It is important to know how your patient information is accessed, who is accessing it and how it is distributed. We also know that Healthcare applications require compliance, so we work with our clients to make sure our applications fall within HIPAA guidelines, so that everything your patient does is 100% secure and confidential.

Our Industry Partners

  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • NCR
  • Google Cloud
  • Equinox
  • Ingenico Group
  • Petco
  • Target
  • Verifon
  • ICC Solutions

Transformation Enablers

We at Omni Integration consider ourselves Transformation Enablers. What we do is set up partnerships with Fortune 100 enterprises and turn over highly efficient payment process models to our customers to scale on. This will allow our partners to thrive well into the future. 

We have become so proficient in this process that most of our project and/or program milestones are met with, or ahead of schedule and under budget.

Why Omni

Our experienced professionals have strong business sense & marketing strategy to achieve your business goals. 

Our unique know-how in various technologies enables us to deliver scalable, integrated, robust applications with the cost-effective performance ratio.

We will deliver a strategy to successfully create & manage your applications, leading to better cost efficiencies & streamlined processes because TIME IS MONEY.

Omni Integration is committed towards Honesty, Quality & Client satisfaction.

Omni World

Omni Integration 

Our co-work benefits you by giving binding custom mobile solution development for different ventures to enhance the qualitative approach in the current area of mobile technology. It incorporates enterprise applications and business applications for business objectives.

It’s the counterpart of the product driven approach. By reducing the cost of implementation, better designing, developing & testing the high quality of software for various product features. During software development, various models can be used like iterative, incremental, spiral, agile etc.

Enterprise Mobile App Development



Omni Integration has created a custom mobile application & mobility software development which interface with different frameworks in a genuinely complex business condition. Related with committed Android versatile application designers, we completely execute all easy to complex responsive application imperatives guaranteed with standard quality. We flourish to furnish your business with the best versatile experience. Omni Integration has designed, developed, and deployed a wide variety of custom software solutions for specialized business markets. 

Providing custom software development services, from product research & analysis, offshore software development to outsourcing support and services, software development is the art of working to produce/develop software. Our services enable the organizations to ease the complex business problems related to different industries in today's world market. We are here, experts in balancing different types of product development efforts & project duration to your business required . Moreover, our competence in  Web Design, Web Development, Mobile App Development & Solutions,  Open Source Portal Development, Custom Software Development, Enterprise Solutions, Cloud Computing and Cloud Technologies help us to cater our clients across the globe with dynamic and end-to-end solutions. 

Custom based software has turned into the main wellspring of the upper hand for organizations of all sizes. Custom applications work for organizations and clients to understand one of a kind difficulties that have driven advancement which add to your focused edge. We at Omni Integration, have over 7 years involvement in building, overseeing and supporting custom programming solution for web, mobile and desktop.

E-commerce website development as s/w development, web enabled Services. Omni Integration provides Software development services and is deliberate to serve businesses that need software outsourcing development and programming. By a judicious blend of business research analysis & managing the innovative latest technologies, Omni Integration can reduce the money, resources and time spent for a different variety of business that take place for the clients or customers. The underlying expense of a creating custom software development or solutions and offshore mobile application development rapidly begin to hold up under a natural product, as associations wind up in a position to learn the advance that they're setting aside. A few minute pick ups, asset enhancements and cost-productivity. Omni Integration provides offshore IT outsourcing services which can enable you to achieve your business needs, objectives & goals in terms of innovation, skill, cost, time and quality.

Customized Software Development

We deliver custom software development services like custom ERP software development, software as a service (SaaS), eCommerce development & a wide variety of cutting edge technology solutions. We complete our development procedure in various stages where we plainly characterize and convey objectives for each stage. Our custom programming projects, composed after profound investigation of your business needs, give your business that truly necessary focused edge and helps you push your ROI graph. Whether you need enterprise mobile development or mobility software development starting with no outside help or custom programming improvements on a current structure, turn your manual business forms into a refined and shareable system.

Web Development

When we start projects, we do so after our pioneer engineers have given meticulous thought of our customers needs with their expertise in web development. Our development and innovation is extensive, thus providing much better solutions than other IT service company. We utilize far reaching analytic procedures to deliver the most versatile solutions that will suit your requirements at the most economical cost. 

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