EMV Certification Services Team

U.S merchants are increasingly implementing the EMV Smart Card standard in their consumer card-present payment environments. EMV technology is gaining adoption amongst U.S. merchants since a card industry mandated liability shift for general retailers took place in October of 2015.
Card issuers, acquirers, banks, and merchants are investing heavily in modifying and upgrading their payment technology infrastructures to keep up with the evolving standards and technologies involved with EMV payment processing. While large merchants extensively plan this transition towards secure payment processing guidelines, many other merchants are reliant on industry service providers to facilitate and manage the regulatory compliance involved with this transition.
Omni Integration provides EMV compliance and certification (L3) solutions that are cost effective and mitigate unknowns and bottlenecks from a typical EMV merchant transition cycle. By leveraging the expertise and efficiency of Omni Integration’s managed solutions, merchants and payment service providers can keep up with the evolving landscape of smarter and more secure payment transaction processing.